March 2020 Newsletter I'm writing this while I eagerly
anticipating the Annual Awards 
Banquet -- its going to be great! 
So many things come together to 
make it that way, and like most 
things in this club, its because of 
the imagination, participation, 
and enthusiasm of our fellow 
members. Some scouted out the 
affordable location, with 
generous portions and variety. 
Others found or donated great 
stuff for the raffle, including 
beautiful gift baskets to help hold 
the interest of the spouses in 
attendance. And we ALL look 
forward to celebrating the 
winners of the awards, and 
choosing new board members. 
Two awards mean the most to 
me, the first being the Chuck 
Byron Memorial trophy, for club 
support and dedication. Where 
would we be without the people 
who get stuff done for our club? 
(FYI, board members are not 
eligible.) And for the first time, 
this year we will award another 
very meaningful prize, the 
Skipper of the Year. Not only do 
our skippers take people out to 
participate in our tournaments, 
but they generously give up a 
chunk of their own fishing time 
for the benefit of other anglers on 
board. Best of all, they make the 
club look like something worth 
I think most of us have had 
conversations on sportfishers, in 
tackle shops, restaurants, gas 
stations, (the list goes on and on) 
with people who spot our club 
bumper sticker, hat, or shirt, and 
ask about the club. Some of us 
ran into someone in San QuintÌn 
this week whos a San Diegan, 
and interested  you just never 
know! Tell them about our 
meetings and everything we do, 
and let them know theyd be 
Wes Ciesielski, Tim Foote, Bill 
Renick, and Tony and I were at 
Lake Poways Youth Fishing 
Derby on February 1st with two 
bikes that were awarded from an 
endowment to the club. Two cute 
up-and-coming anglers went 
home with mile-wide grins and 
plenty of motivation to keep on 
fishing! We saw plenty of 
covetous looks while the bikes 
were still up for grabs; one little 
dude had his hands on a bike and 
was doing a great imitation of 
Clint Eastwoods squinty glare!