BFT Ask Letter The San Diego Rod and Reel Club is excited and proud to announce the 37th Annual Big Fish Tournament,
scheduled for August 24th, 2024! The Big Fish Tournament has become one of San Diego and Southern
California’s most popular saltwater fishing tournaments. This tournament has been extraordinarily popular for so
long, and we expect even greater participation this year!
The SDR&R Club provides a unique opportunity to benefit the children of our community. The net proceeds from
our Big Fish Tournament support community youth fishing events, like the annual kids’ fishing derbies at Lake
Poway, Lindo Lakes, Crystal Pier, Shelter Island Pier, and of course the Port District’s Day at the Docks event each
year. Our club also sets up and sponsors fishing trips for underprivileged children on commercial sport boats in San
Diego, where they are supervised and mentored by club members, allowing kids to learn angling skills and have
exciting experiences catching fish on open waters, like the June 4th, 2023 trip pictured above. These events can only
be made possible with your generous support and sponsorship!
It is our belief that youth participation in sport fishing means everything for the future of the sport fishing industry and
your business! The San Diego Rod and Reel Club is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization, and we are soliciting your
support for our club's community purpose. Any stock items, services or funds donated to our non-profit organization
may be tax deductible – please consult your tax professional. Net proceeds from your generous donations help us
support kids’ fishing all year long. These wholesome activities for children would never happen if it weren’t for
supportive people like you! Your support also helps us offer free memberships to active-duty military.
As a bonus, for donating to our cause, your business and products will be marketed to some of the most elite anglers
in Southern California. Each sponsor is acknowledged at our meetings, at the Big Fish seminar and awards banquet,
and get constant year-long exposure in our annual SDR&R directory. In addition, our club membership and
tournament participants are consistently encouraged to patronize and support our sponsoring vendors and
businesses, making it a win-win situation for everyone!
Please help support this event which benefits everyone associated with fishing! We, and the children, really
appreciate your generosity and all that you do for us! Thank You!

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