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Club Meeting 02/02/2023
Guest Speaker: Jeff Squires
Owner: One Cool Tuna

The O.C.T. (One Cool Tuna) Jig was created as a project to see if we could make a surface iron by CNC Machining it from our favorite jigs. We started playing with the idea and came up with a few jigs that worked. But we decided to take it to the next level and see if we could make one that would swim the same way every time. So for the last year we have fine tuned the jig and perfected the production and came up with what we feel is the ONLY 100% CNC Machined Jig. O.C.T. Jigs are 100% Zero Difference Surface Iron Jigs. Each one swims exactly the same as the first one. No more searching the “Wall of Jigs” to find that perfect swimmer and hope that it really does swim. O.C.T. Jigs are only available through our Authorized Retailers and are NOT SOLD on this website.

Club Meeting 01/11/2023
Guest Speaker: Jeff Roberto
Owner: Sushi on a Roll

Renowned Sushi Chef Jeff Roberto, owner of Sushi on a Roll, has been at the forefront of the sushi industry in San Diego. After over two decades of mastering the art of sushi, his next crazy goal was to gather his friends in the industry and set the FIRST-EVER World Record for most sushi pieces made in a 48-hour span - 100,000 sushi pieces! History was made to say the least.