September 2023 Newsletter What an interesting week we had leading up
to the Big Fish Tournament! Each and every
day I monitored the hurricane, as well as our
wind and wave forecasts, and updated all
tournament entrants that things appeared to be
a go. The day of the tournament, what did we
have? Great water conditions, and very little
wind after 10:00 am. It was certainly the
Calm before the Storm!
Not only did some anglers get shy about
participating because of the storm, but so did
the fish that were closest to it! I’m talking
about the Coronado Islands and down at the
425. I cannot tell you how perfect the 425
was for ideal fishing, but … nobody home!
After no bites in either location, we went to
the IB Pipe and ended the day with some nice
bass. But then I hooked into what I thought
was going to be my largest Sand Bass ever
landed! This thing was heavy, and had some
great headshakes. I kept waiting for the white
with grey stripes to show, but instead, I got
camouflage - a 11.11 pound Lingcod!! One
thing I can tell you, I’ve never been
disappointed about catching a Lingcod, but I
sort of was that day!! First, a large Halibut in
July when Halibut wasn’t even the sidepot,
and now the Big Fish Tournament where
Lingcod wasn’t eligible. What’s next, a large
White Sea Bass instead of whatever other fish
the next tournament will be for??!!
A big shout out to Luc Ofield from Angler’s
Choice for his generous donations to our
tournament, as well as being our guest
speaker at the Big Fish Seminar. Talk about a
quiet room … everybody was tuned in!!
Please support Angler’s Choice by going
there for your next purchase, and while you’re
at it, thank him for his support of the club! Be
sure to take your name badge with you, so you
can get an instant discount on your purchase.
The full list of our sponsors is in this
newsletter. Be sure to support them and thank
them as well. M&M Custom Rods stepped up,
donating two great rods to help us raise
money to take kids fishing! We’ll have a
Silent Auction for one of them at our
September 7th meeting. We’ll be having
another great raffle table and at least FOUR
awesome Silent Auction items, so be sure to
show up with cash or a credit card!
Lastly, tell your friends to Join Now… It’s our
½ yearly sale for all New members!!