November 2023 Newsletter This year sure is flying by! It helps when the
fishing is hot, with trips planned, and the
anticipation of your trip makes each day fly
by as you imagine the greatness you’re about
to achieve! Whether greatness happens or
not, the days after the trip are filled with
memories that help the days go by even faster.
Take our last tournament as an example. I just
imagined catching that big Yellowtail to beat
out the inevitable bay Halibut that was going
to be in the running for first place. Despite a
lot of time and effort, no Yellowtail were
found on the end of our lines, just some White
Fish and our winning side pot Sand Bass.
Well, at least we got something out of it!!
What also makes life exciting is being on the
SDRRC Board!! Yup, it’s that time of year
where we are looking for some people who
can help run this great club of ours. This year
has been a very rewarding experience, and
I’m sure next year will be just as fun! We
have various areas where you can fit in, so
please consider joining the board. At the next
meeting, I will be passing around a sign-up
sheet with some check boxes under the
various positions that you think you can make
the difference in. So, don’t be shy. Step up
and help this club be even greater next year!
I would like to thank Carl Schmidt of
Fisherman’s Landing for his great
presentation. He certainly has a wealth of
knowledge, and the quiet crowd absorbed it
all. We will certainly ask him to come back
again, as he has too much to share in one talk!
Our next speaker will be another
knowledgeable one … just wait until you read
Arnie’s article!
Our November meeting will be your 2nd
chance for getting your Early Bird
Membership Drive raffle tickets for a
brand-new fishing reel. The October
meeting provided three raffle tickets for those
who signed up early, and now the November
meeting will give you two raffle tickets for
signing up. If you cannot make it to the
meeting for some reason, but you want this
opportunity to win a new reel, please call me
and I will sign you up, 619-571-8787. Your
last opportunity will be at our December
meeting, where you will get one raffle ticket
for signing up. The winning ticket will be
drawn that night, so be sure to be there!
Speaking of our December Meeting, this
will also be our Holiday Party and Awards
Banquet. It will be at the Portuguese Hall
in Point Loma on WEDNESDAY,
December 6th. Food will be provided, and
the kids can enjoy a visit from our fishing
friend from the North Pole! At the November
meeting, I will have sign-ups for you to come
to this event… We need a head count for food.
Please include in your sign up the
kids/grandchildren you plan on bringing. Be
sure to tell them to be ready to say what they
want for Christmas! As a reward, Santa will
give them a stocking of treats! Again, if you
can’t make the November meeting, please call
me to sign up.