May 2023 Newsletter Our 36th annual Big Fish Tournament is in the works!
The event is a fundraiser to take kids fishing and we
take these kinds of events to heart.
The first set of “Ask” letters has gone out, and we got
our very first donation immediately by return mail
from Fisherman’s Processing! Fingers crossed,
most of the other companies on our list will also be
able to help us sponsor kids’ fishing trips and events.
All contributors will get their logos displayed in our
newsletter and other handouts. If they are big
contributors, and depending on the level of those
contributions, they will not only be in our newsletter
and handouts, but they will also be in our directory
and on the Big Fish Tournament T-Shirts. Thanks to
these donations, we will have big prizes, a great
raffle table and, as a result, lots of fun for all!

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