March 2023 Newsletter Hello my fellow FCM’s!
        Wow, what a great time we had at the Bart Hall
        Show. Lots and lots of people stopping to check us
        out, whether it was for spinning the wheel, entering
        the raffle for the rod & reel combo (M&M Custom
        wrapped rod with a matching Avet 2-speed reel,
        filled with spectra and mono top shot!!), or simply
        curious about the San Diego Rod & Reel Club. I
        swear my cheeks were sore from all the smiling I did!
        The final figures have not been completely tallied,
        but for a gross figure, we took in almost $5,000! We
        definitely had some expenses, from being part of the
        show to buying supplies for the booth and wheel, but
        we are so fortunate to be able to have raised money
        to Take Kids Fishing!!
        I spoke with someone who’s an avid fisherman on
        the Dolphin, and I am hoping he will be able to hook
        us up with a kids’ trip. We will also be checking in
        with Friends of Rollo for additional help, and the
        board will be discussing who we will be sponsoring
        this year to take kids fishing. My youngest son had
        a great idea, so I will be checking into it. I will
        announce it if it all works out, so stay tuned!
        I would like to thank Rolly Lira for ALL of his hard
        work during the show. From set up to getting people
        over to our booth, he was there every day to help out.
        We had a neighboring vendor who wished Rolly was
        working his booth! On top of that, he made the
        rounds and got some great donations.
        Mike Ito was there daily as well, and he also helped
        me bring stuff from storage, set up, and take down.
        Bill Fleming worked hard for the first two days,
        staying there for many hours and drawing people into
        our booth. Mary & Tony Belandres helped with set
        up and take down. Fox Ludwig was instrumental the
        last two days, calling people in and getting donations.
        Plus, we had the Chuckta family, Chris Kugel,
        Ruppert & Olivia Rosas, Arnie Seko, Robert
        McKenzie, Laura Itogawa, Orlando & Hector
        Quintanar, and Jim Shaffer. Also, thanks to Chris,
        Fox and Jim for helping take everything down … so
        We are racking up the speakers for the next few
        months, so be sure to show up at each of these
        meetings. I know I expect to learn quite a few things.
        Funny how you think you know everything, but then
        somebody else comes along and enhances your
        knowledge! That’s what I love about this club!
        Funny to think how 26 years ago when I joined, I
        thought I knew everything. Look at me now, still
        I am certainly looking forward to seeing you all
        there, and I am excited to see all the people who won
        a new membership at the Bart Hall Show. I met so
        many interesting people and families, as well as
        people who have had relatives in the club who are
        now interested in joining. Members, be sure to wear
        your name badges and introduce yourself to any and
        all new faces.