June 2023 Newsletter What a great meeting we had with Kevin Nakada! I
always say that even after being with this club since
1997, I always learn something new! Kevin
educated us with his skills, knowledge, and all his
techniques and tips. He also taught us not to fear
fishing Rock Cod at 700 feet! Check out his web site
at www.fishingreps.com for tackle and terminal gear.
Due to our support of CCA, we have moved our June
tournament 1 week, to June 24th
. The CCA is doing
their Apps &Taps Beer Festival on June 17th at
Portuguese Hall. That event runs from 4:00 to 8:00
pm. CCA protects our rights to fish and hunt. You
need to come to our meetings to hear all the latest on
what’s going on from our own VP, Arnie Seko. So,
update your calendars:
1) June 1st - Our next meeting with Butch Paddock
from Cuyamaca as our guest speaker,
2) June 17th 4-8 pm - CCA’s social event,
3) June 24th - Our own Yellowtail tournament!
On Sunday, June 4th we are having our first kids
fishing trip, sponsoring the Boys and Girls Clubs of
San Diego. There will be 18 kids with 2 chaperones.
I would like to have at least 10 club members come
aboard to help these kids catch fish. If you want,
bring your own gear to hook and hand off to the kids,
no matter how big the fish feels!! This is all for the
kids; most have never fished before. The boat departs
at 8:30 am and returns at 2:30 pm. Please contact me
if you’re interested in helping on this trip. Lunch, a
drink and a snack will be provided by the club.
The season is really ramping up with all sorts of
species being caught! From Bass to Halibut, Bonito
to Bluefin, and Rock Fish to Yellowtail, you almost
have to flip a coin to determine which species you
want! That’s the beauty of fishing out of San Diego!
Remember that for Rock Fish in US waters, only 2
hooks are allowed, and please have a descending
device on board to return the fish you can’t keep.
One of our club members recently posted on our
Facebook page a successful Rock Fish trip, fishing
400’ of water, resulting in a catch of a Cow Cod. He
performed CPR … Catch, Photograph and Release,
using the SeaQualizer descending device, which I
highly recommend you have.
Our membership continues to grow each and every
meeting, as well as in between meetings! Like they
say, the more the merrier! Each meeting has come
with a great raffle and great speakers! So, if you
haven’t renewed your membership yet, or you’re
interested in becoming a member, or you have a
fishing friend who isn’t a member yet, be sure to
come to our next meeting to sign up. Feel free to call
me directly to sign up as well. As a member, you
also get first dibs on our limited load charters. This
year we have an overnight trip on the Producer in
July, and a full day on the Sea Watch in September.
I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting!

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