July 2023 Newsletter Hello my fellow FCM’s (Fishing Club Members),
as well as guests reading this.
It’s officially Summer and we’ve had some
interesting weather patterns, making fishing certain
areas a hit or miss. Some days the tuna are hot, and
then other days it’s a total miss. Yet, we have also
seen some record breaking catches; from the 70+ lb.
Yellowtail on a multi-day trip, to a record breaking
White Sea Bass in the Channel Islands.
Speaking of Yellowtail, the bite at the various islands
have been on and off as well, just like it was for our
Yellowtail tournament. On Saturday, June 24th, not
one boat caught a Yellowtail, then two days later, the
Grande scored 17!! Be sure to come to the meeting
on July 6th to hear all about my large Halibut catch!
My personal best, and how I caught it is for the record
books, too!! Of course, I catch it when our side-pot
is Not for Halibut! LOL
We had a very informative and interesting meeting
last month with our guest Butch Paddock, from Lake
Cuyamaca. I was very impressed with their
successful breeding program - I had no idea they
were self-stocking trout! I was shocked to hear that
from egg to release only takes one year! There’s also
more water in that lake than I have ever seen before,
due to all the rain and melting snow. It’s incredible
and I encourage you to take a short drive up there to
check it out. Even better, stay in one of their cabins
or condos, you will not be disappointed!
Our next meeting is July 6th at the VFW Hall in
Pacific Beach, 853 Turquoise St, San Diego, CA
92019. Our speaker will be Fred Huber of The
Daily Double and he is going to have even more great
information for us. He also helped us with the “We
Take Kids Fishing” trip on June 4th. This trip was a
Complete Success, taking a bunch of kids from the
Boys and Girls Clubs of San Diego. The majority of
these kids had never fished before. They didn’t know
how to hold a rod, let alone bait a hook, but they were
masters in the end! We limited out on Vermillion rock
fish, plus we had an assortment of other rock fish,
Sand Bass, two large Ling Cods, and a large
Sheephead. I’ll tell you more at the meeting!
The Big Focus right now is our Big Fish
Tournament! This tournament is Open To The
Public!! You do not have to be on a member’s boat,
or have a member on your boat. This is our biggest
fundraiser for our club, supporting our cause of “We
Take Kids Fishing!” So, tell everyone you know who
owns a boat to sign up at our Big Fish Seminar. Luc
from Angler’s Choice will be our guest speaker on
August 3rd at the Big Fish Seminar. We need a larger
venue for this event, where we will have vendor
booths and a much larger raffle! The location will be
the place we met several times last year, as hosted by
Sharon Chelette. It’s at 2684 Community Ln, San
Diego, CA 92108, the community center of a condo
complex in Mission Valley.