January 2023 Newsletter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season! I
know I had a great time with family and friends.
Even better, my oldest son was home for the
holidays. Such a joy to have him around!
The board is working diligently on finding a “Home”
venue to hold our meetings. It gets tricky trying to
find a place that is quiet enough, big enough, easy to
get to, that’s indoors (for these cold days) and, most
importantly, doesn’t cost too much! Remember, we
are a Non-Profit Organization, a 501(c)(7), but a lot
of venues don’t care about that, which I understand.
If you happen to know anybody who has a potential
venue, I am open to suggestions!
Many of you know that we had A LOT of positions
on the board to fill. I would like to welcome the
newly appointed members Einar Aguila, Frances
Aguila, Kelly Chuckta, Rolly Lira, Jim Shaffer,
Arnie Seko and Orlando Quintanar to the board. I
would also like welcome back John Chuckta and
Laura Itogawa to the board. I am very excited to be
working with this great group of people and we look
forward to a great year for the club!
Myself, I’ve been a board member before and, over
the last Many Years, the Newsletter Editor. To take
on the role of President, I needed somebody to take
over the newsletter. Without even having to ask, our
former President, Mary Belandres, stepped up and
said she would handle that for me! Mary, I cannot
thank you enough! I know you’re going to do great
things with the monthly newsletters!
We will have a “Schedule of Events” wrapped up
after our next board meeting, so keep an eye out for
the email announcement. This way you can put
everything down on your calendar and, more
importantly, show it to your significant other so that
they know when you won’t be home!!
A little flashback to our Holiday Party for our
December meeting … A seriously great time was had
by all. If you missed it, you missed out! Major kudos
and many thanks to Sharon, Ellie, Kelly and Mary!
You ladies are phenomenal and the night would not
have been the same without you!! From the nice
decorations, tablecloths, appetizers, wine food, etc.
Your efforts certainly did not go unnoticed!
The visit from Santa was enjoyed by all, and I’m glad
he made enough time to take a group picture around
the tree! The gift exchange afterwards went very
smoothly, and I was happy with the gift I received!
Please join us at our next meeting. Arnie has found
a very interesting guest speaker! One for sure that I
will be listening to intently. Lessons certainly to be
learned, which will probably send me to the store to
buy supplies for impressing the family!!
Be sure to bring your friends - the more the merrier!
We all have people we like to fish with, so bring them
along so you can hang out even more amongst other
like-minded fisherman. My goal is to bring the
membership of this club to a great level, but we need
your help to accomplish this. Once they attend a
meeting, they will see the benefits and join too.
Until then … Get Bent! (For those who don’t know
or remember, that’s the name of my boat.)