February 2023 Newsletter *** We Found a New Home!!! ***
As shown above, our next meeting will be held at the
VFW Post 5985 in Pacific Beach. We spoke with
several places to try to find our new home and this
place seemed to fit all our needs … to meet on the 1st
Thursday of each month, allow people to bring their
own food (if needed) and a bar to purchase your
drinks. There will be plenty of parking, too. There
are spaces on site, as well as next door in the business
center since they are closed after hours (we have been
given permission by VFW). I would love your
feedback on our new accommodation!
Poway Lakes is having a Youth Fishing Derby on
Saturday, February 4th. So grab your kids, grandkids,
nephews, nieces and/or young siblings and head out
there for a great time! Better yet, get in touch with
their friends’ parents and get them to join you. It’s
always great to see kids catch fish. The SDRRC used
to participate in cooking all the hotdogs, but their
Optimist Club has taken over those duties. So, now
your hands are free to go help the kids you know
catch fish!
I am attaching a modifiable Calendar of Events. We
will have tournaments on the specified days, but we
are leaving the species open for now to see what’s in
store for us. There are also some events that we
usually help out with, but we’re not sure yet if they
are happening; such as the Lakeside Catfish Derby
and the Shelter Island Pier Kid’s Fishing events. For
now, I just have a question mark next to those dates.
Bart Hall Show is right around the corner. We have
about 16 volunteers to help work our booth, so please
see Arnie Seko about filling in your time slots.
Remember, your volunteering will get you into the
event for free! We will give you more details about
that at our next meeting, so please be sure to attend.
We will have a Wheel for people to spin and win
prizes from, a raffle for a Custom Wrapped Rod from
M&M Custom Rods with a matching New Reel, trifolds about the club to hand out, a slide show on our
TV and lots of pictures from different events on
display. This will be a great time for all who help!!
Our next event will be Day At The Docks on March
19th. We will need help with the fishing pens to get
kids hooked up (many for the 1st time!). This will
involve getting the rods prepped with hooks and
squid, keeping up with the supply of cut squid,
helping at the booth to hand out time slot tickets to
the kids, and helping kids with catching & releasing
the fish. If you’ve never done this before, it is truly
a rewarding experience. So, be sure to sign up!
Until then … Get Bent! (For those who don’t know
or remember, that’s the name of my boat.)