April 2023 Newsletter I recently fished with our Web Master Jim Shaffer on 
        March 25th and had a great time. There’s a video on 
        our Facebook page, and Jim has it on his YouTube 
        channel. We caught Sand Bass, Calico Bass, 
        Rockfish (all released), and Jim released a very nice 
        Ling Cod! In the beginning of the video, you will see 
        me ordering my fishing license! Since it’s now a 12-
        month license, I dragged it out as long as possible!! 
        I am excited to have Chad Gierlich from Hookup 
        Baits (HUBs) be our speaker on April 6th! Chad 
        always puts on a great presentation, from the gear he 
        uses, to HUB selection, strategies, and techniques. 
        Chad puts in a lot of time on the water and has 
        mastered the use of his products. Do NOT be fooled 
        by the imitation products on the market. From day 
        one, Chad has put a lot of R&D (Research and 
        Development) into his lures in order to perfect the 
        best fishing solution. HUB’s will also be our Inshore 
        Fishing Tournament Sponsor, giving away a free 
        pack of HUB’s to each person who signs up for the 
        tournament. You do NOT want to miss this meeting! 
        As a result of our fundraising event at the Bart Hall 
        Show, I am pleased to announce our first 2023 Kids 
        Fishing Trip!! We will be fishing the Daily Double 
        on June 4th. It is amazing how difficult it has been to 
        find an organization that will accept our gift, 
        especially when I know the children within the 
        organization would benefit so much from an 
        opportunity to enjoy a day out on the water, catching 
        fish. By the time of our meeting, we will have an 
        organization reserved to take fishing.