September 2022 Newsletter I’m pouting. Did you know we’re
not always Number One? Silver
Gate Yacht Club actually uses
their own facility for their own
events - who woulda thunk?
When we would have met in
August, the room was full of gear
for a huge swap meet that
weekend. We tried for the
following week, but they had
their own thing planned, again.
Half the board members were
going to be gone anyway – so
YOU might have been
shanghaied into helping with the
meeting. Close call!
Rollie Lira tried to get us the
small room at Portuguese Hall,
but guess what? Stop me if
you’ve heard this one - they use
their own hall for their own
events too! Thursday night –
every Thursday night – is their
biggest night. They use the entire
facility for BINGO.
So, we didn’t have an August
meeting, but we’ll be at Silver
Gate Yacht Club on Thursday,
September 1st. Our time there
starts at 6 PM, and the meeting
begins promptly at 7 PM.
You’re welcome to order meals
and drinks in the bar upstairs,
and you can have them
Our September speaker is our
own Rick Beck. He’s the man to
answer your questions about your
boat’s electronics. It’s possible
he will tell you things you don’t
know about your boat, sight
unseen! Arnie Seko is doing a
great job finding us interesting
speakers. He has them lined up
through the end of this year, and
ideas for the next.
Silver Gate already knows they
have things going in October and
November and December. We
can only submit requests one
month ahead, because really,
they shouldn’t have to plan their
entire year ahead around us,
right? We’ll be in Mission Valley
in the really great community
center Sharon Chelette reserved
for us. You’re all welcome to
bring your own food and drinks.
The address and directions to this
convenient central location, with
parking, will go out to you all.
Our December Holiday Party
will be held there, too.
Check out the announcement for
Sept 24th’s Inshore
Tournament, sponsored by
Hookup Baits. John Chuckta
can sign you up at the
September 1st meeting, and
Chad Gierlich will have
somebody there with Hookup
Baits. Come see who’s planning
to fish; they just might have
space for another person. Nonmember guests onboard? They’ll
need to sign a club waiver before
the tournament deadline. John
will have them, or can email it,
for them to fill out and return.
John has another full-day
charter scheduled for
Saturday, October 22, on the
Sea Watch, out of Seaforth
Landing in Mission Bay. Our
first charter on this same boat
was very successful! This time
he plans to sell slightly fewer
spots, only 24, so get right in
there and sign up.
For club members who do not
have a boat, our Charters give
more of our members a chance to
fish with their club friends, and
to win prizes and the jack pot!
The big winner on July’s Sea
Watch charter was Gary
Mouritzen. Talk about a happy
The raffle table has something
spiffy in its future, something we
haven’t seen in a long time, if
ever. Somehow Tim Foote got a
donation of THREE pricy
Lowrance fish finders, suitable
for a small boat or kayak. Show
up with your mad money - you
never know when one will be in
the raffle. Improve your chances
of winning (larger purchases of
raffle tickets are discounted), and
improve your odds of getting on
the fish!
We’ve been hearing from some
Club Meeting
September 1st, 2022
** At Silver Gate Yacht Club **
6:00 Happy Hour
(food available upstairs, too)
7:00 Meeting 2 of our members that they don’t
get our emails. Some
membership forms are hard to
read, and Tim Foote has
contacted people to fix those.
The bigger issue is caused by our
members’ spam filters; please see
Tim’s explanation. He’s been
working diligently on this, and
created an easy link you can use
to reinstate yourself. If someone
you know has mentioned that
they’re not getting the emails,
hook them up with this link to fix
the problem.