July 2022 Newsletter Our meetings resumed with a
bang on June 2nd, yay! That
night’s speaker, Kevin Nakada,
may be best known as a kayak
pro, but he had hugely helpful
tactics for anyone who fishes. If
you missed it, you really missed
some good stuff. Better get your
favorite club back on your
The July meeting will be on the
Thursday the 7th. Happy Hour
upstairs at 6:00, and the meeting
downstairs is from 7:00 to 9:00,
at Silver Gate Yacht Club on
Shelter Island. Parking in Silver
Gate’s lot is for their members;
we park across the street. Ellie
will have a few parking passes at
the raffle table for those with
physical limitations. We’re
welcome to order dinner upstairs
in the bar, or purchase drinks.
The meeting is in the big room
downstairs, you can’t miss it.
We’ll have a couple of tables set
up near the back for any who’d
like to have their dinner there.
The meals are reasonable, and
Our July speaker will be Art
Taylor, owner/operator of the
Searcher. (That’s such a great
boat, and recently made all new.)
We’re expecting to get the
straight scoop on Bluefin from
him, everything you would ever
need to know: tactics, rigging
jigs, using bait, what’s been
working… Plus, I hear he’s
bringing something for the raffle
table - that’s always exciting!
Please stop and see Deb Renick
at the Membership table.
Everyone needs to:
— Sign in,
— Fill out the membership form
and sign the waiver, each and
every year. If you didn’t do it in
June, then you still need to take
care of this. Bill Renick is
chomping at the bit to get out a
new directory. Help a guy out,
won’t ya?
— You can join or renew your
membership here, too. 2022 is
discounted to $35. Those who
paid for 2020 are covered, but
still need to fill out and sign the
2022 forms.
— We didn’t see too many name
tags at the June meeting. If you
absolutely can’t find yours, Deb
can order you a new name tag.
Do it this month and it will be
there waiting for you the next
John Chuckta says there are
TWO SPOTS OPEN on the July
16th limited load charter trip. Get
right in there! You can call him
at (858) 860-6414 to nab a spot.
Remember that the deadline to
pay the remainder is July 2nd.
You could lose your spot if he
has another taker waiting in the
wings, so don’t put it off. John
can take your credit card
payment over the phone.
Gary Mouritzen is the Godfather
of the Raffle Table this month.
He has a stash of goodies,
generously donated by Luc of
Angler’s Choice. Ellie Duchene
says she has another rod and reel,
no one ever says no to that, right?
And for those who like to keep
things sweet on the home front,
there’s a purse, too. There’s
definitely something on that table
for everyone!
Tony Belandres doesn’t spread
out everything he’s got on the
Clothing table, but he has quite
the stash of sizes and colors in
those tubs behind the table, and
he’s happy to pull out just the
size and color that you want. He
says, “Come ‘n’ get it!”
Don’t forget that we’ll be voting
in some new board members. We
leave a majority for continuity,
but rotate out a few each time.
Arnie Seko is already doing great
things for us, and Laura Itogawa
has a long history of making
things happen for the club.
Anyone else? We have room for
another board member.