December 2022 Newsletter Hello, Fishing Club Members!
Please disregard my messed up
announcement of the Holiday
Party in last month’s newsletter!
My bad, my very, very bad, I
gave you the WRONG DATE! It
is on Friday, December 2nd
beginning at 6 PM. The club is
hosting dinner & dessert, but
please bring your own drinks.
We already have a good number
who signed up at the November
meeting. If you missed that, we
need you to RSVP no later than
November 23rd
, the day before
Thanksgiving. Bringing your
partner or kids? We need their
names too. That Jolly Man in
Red will have goodie bags for
the kids in attendance. There’s an
optional gift exchange
(suggested value up to $10). If
it’s geared toward a certain type
of person, please label your
wrapped gift that way. Some
have no use for a purse, others
don’t appreciate tackle…
But first and foremost, get your
name on The Nice List of those
who will attend. Email me at
or leave a message at 619-469-
4876. The location is provided
courtesy of Sharon Chelette, at
2684 Community Lane, San
Diego 92108. If you haven’t been
there for a meeting yet, it’s a
beautiful facility in central
Mission Valley, just a few blocks
off Highway 8. Once you’re on
Community Lane, drive right on
up to the top of the street and you
can’t miss it. Parking’s on the
right of the community center,
and our entrance is right by the
parking lot – no need to walk
around to the front.
Renew your membership
before the end of the year, so
you’ll be in the running for the
early renewal prize. Who doesn’t
feel like they could use a nice
Brand-New Reel?!!! When
filling out the form, remember to
also sign the waiver. It’s on the
back of the form if you get one
from Deb Renick, or on the
second page if you ask for a
membership form to be emailed
to you.
The Board had a very productive
meeting on November 15th, and
things are really looking up for
our club! We have a large crop of
board members overdue for
retirement, and a huge freshman
class coming in, I’m guessing the
largest since the club first got up
and running so many years ago.
Some are new-ish to the club,
others have been with us for
years. One hard worker from our
present board will remain; a gogetter from back-when returns;
someone who has worked so
hard for us, but swore he’d never
be on the board finally joins up;
and two have been working,
unelected, with the board all this
year, and you know them very
well. Two in the new crop have
particular skills to help advance
the club via a new website and
social media. They’re all primed
and ready to hit the ground
running. Come to the December
nd Holiday Party to
congratulate them and find out
which positions they’ll be filling.
If you just can’t wait until the
great reveal, here’s the lineup for
our SDRRC dream team:
Einar Aguila, John Chuckta,
Kelly Chuckta, Manny
Granillo, Laura Itogawa, Rolly
Lira, Gary Mouritzen, Orlando
Quintanar, Arnie Seko, and
Jim Shaffer. Please stand by to
support them in any way you
Retiring board members include:
Tony Belandres, Sharon
Chelette, Ellie Duchene, Bill
Renick, Deb Renick, Mary
Rogers Belandres, and Pepe
Valdivia. Thank you for the
many ways you served the club
and the community!
Special Mention goes out to Tim
Foote! While not on the board,
he dedicated so many years to
getting out innumerable emails,
maintaining the mailing lists, and
wrestling with difficult email
clients. He also provided
excellent legal advice, including
interpretation of the club bylaws.
Gary Mouritzen has completed
a preliminary schedule of our
2023 events, so all our working
parts will be up to speed when
the New Year kicks off! We’ll
Club Meeting
December 2nd, 2022
At 2684 Community Ln, 92108
6:00 Food Provided, BYOD
7:00 Meeting
Guest Speaker: Santa!
know what to expect, and when,
and while some things may be
new and fresh, some of our
favorite activities are back, yay!
You may have forgotten about
some of them, and I don’t want
to ruin the surprises, but I’m
going to let one item slip: Big
Fish Tournament! Expect regular
tournaments, and more charter
trips, which are always a great
time out on the water with your
club friends.
Other community events we’ve
been involved with are ready for
prime time again this year, so
we’ll be part of the general
recovery surrounding our
favorite pastime. Day at the
Docks is already scheduled on
March 19th
, that’s one of the big
The Fred Hall Show is now the
Bart Hall Show, and will be
earlier than ever, from February
16th through the 19th right here
in Del Mar. That’s before the
show in Long Beach this time.
As before, your club will get
you in for free in exchange for a
bit of your time at our booth.
Spin the wheel to attract attention
and hand out prizes, sell raffle
tickets for the amazing custom
rod (from M&M!) & reel set-up
that’s already loaded with pricy
line. You should buy tickets
yourselves! Above all, represent
the club well and tell everyone
just what makes our club the one
to join. Check your calendar and
clear your schedule, and prepare
to sign up for this. There’s also a
need for volunteers to set up the
booth on the 15th. Please see
Bill or Deb Renick to get your
name listed.