May 2020 Newsletter Greetings, from the grounded, to
the land-locked! When they say
its all in your attitude, thats
mostly right. We feel for those
who have to work. We feel for
those who cant work. We feel
for the businesses that are taking
a hit, and for the people who
invested in them. But you,
personally, how do you feel? If
youre worried, try to be hopeful
that some things are getting
better. Try to stay out of
arguments, and definitely dont
start any  we have plenty of
angry people already! If youre
bored because you cant do your
usual things, take this time to
learn or do new things.
If you cant go where you usually
would, expand your horizons in
other ways, and plan a great trip
for when the world restarts. Who
will you go with  its more fun
with friends! Call a few people
every day, to check in, entertain
each other, and plan good things
for when youre no longer
grounded. Tell a lame joke!
Google how to make a group
phone call, and gang up to tease a
friend about getting older on
their birthday, and sing the song!
If you dont like wearing a mask
when you go out, tell yourself
that next time itll be a gaiter,
and youll be getting on a boat!
Im grateful for that freezer full
of Tonys catch, the freezer I
usually grouse about because
theres never room in it. Im glad
weve been lucky scoring fresh
produce. Im really pleased that
although I put off knee replacements that I should have had
YEARS ago, a recent series of
shots has made it so I can stand
for an hour at a time, and cook
again. Im glad I have a fairly
patient husband, whos willing to
dry pots and pans for me, and
tackle the occasional honey-do.
(He says Im crazy, but hey, Im
not the one who married me!) I
bless the delivery people who
bring the stuff we can get online,
theyre working their behinds
off. Although my mailbox is
messed up -- I tried to quarantine
it with a NO BILLS sign, but
its a pandemic of those things!
We were carrying around a
bunch of goodies in the car for
the raffle table. How about a set
of small plates with a truly
beautiful crab design? It will be
paired with a Brigantine gift
card, for taking home some of
their cheesy crab & shrimp
fondue when they reopen. Trust
me, every spouse out there will
forgive time spent fishing if you
bring this home from a club
meeting. Maybe youll use it for
a Shelter Island picnic, before
very long? Theres another set of
plates with a retro red-checkered
border, and cherries in the
middle. Now that my knees are
better, that will show up in the
raffle with a home-baked cherry
pie. And theres more! Its only
smart to keep the spouses happy,
right? Our living room had a
stash of prizes for the Wheel of
Fortune we use at Fred Hall and
Day at the Docks. Both caches
are finally in storage, waiting
with baited breath (wait, that
ones bated breath) to make a
We've missed March & April
tournaments and meetings. Day
at the Docks got cancelled, and
will not be held any time soon.
As soon as that would be
allowed, fishing should also be in
full swing. Their plan is to hold it
either much later, or next year,
because its meant to promote
sportfishing, not interfere with it.
Fred Hall got postponed from
March, to April, to May, and is
now up in the air as the Del Mar
Fairgrounds have shut down. Our
club is pretty much just in a
holding pattern. Our finances are
fine, even with the expenditures
for Fred Hall, Day at the Docks,
and the 2019 awards. We all look
forward to getting out, seeing our
friends, and fishing. Right now, I
guess we settle for cooking our
fish, and reminiscing when we
pull each package from the
freezer. Is this what winters like
in other regions? Lets share
plans for when were no longer
grounded, so we can hit the
waves at full speed ahead!